NPP Not 🙅‍♂Sponsoring Vigilantes

President Nana Akufo-Addo has dismissed claims by the opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC) that the ruling New Patriotic Party (NPP) is sponsoring vigilantes into National Security.

It would be recalled that the NDC in its letter responding to the president’s call made on Thursday, February 21, 2019, during the State of the Nation Address (SoNA) in Parliament for the party and NPP to meet and dialogue on the vigilantism menace, accused the ruling party of sponsoring vigilantes into the National Security.

But President Akufo-Addo, in response to the NDC’s letter, said, “No such sponsorship has taken place, and none will take place.”

He described the NDC’s assertion as “prejudicial to the work of the Commission for citizens to start drawing conclusions on the material before the Commission, prior to the Commission making its own findings and recommendations on the matter.”

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Ghana🇬🇭 Gas to Monetize👉 Vital Gas Product by Mid-2019

The Ghana National Gas Company (Ghana Gas) will by the middle of 2019 monetize an essential by-product, known as Isopentane, which would be used for power generation.

Currently, the pentane gas is flared since the country has not built the capacity to use this particular gas. However, the CEO of Ghana Gas, Dr. Ben Asante revealed at a media briefing that by the middle of this year, Ghana Gas will be using the Isopentane gas produced for power generation.

The power production is expected to be undertaken by an independent local power producer.

According to sources at Ghana Gas, two companies have shown interest in using the flared gas for productive purposes, such as the power generation.

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Chaw Manny Crew is one of the vybrant and deadly groups in the world .
The members ain’t ordinary members
Wee smokers, dancers, rappers, lazy bones and so on


CMC MANAGER  jkjerf in the blue shirt at your right hand side with El Nino CEO at the left


Time with SERWAA was reallly a lovely day . She was so friendly with the team
This aided as to go ahead in inteeviewing her


We also met with BISA KDEI at AQUA SAFARI with his whole team full of girls and old men no offense .


The club hitmaker DONZY was also interviewed by CMC
He even sponsored as with free food and drinks . Donzy got rich
We pray he makes it big as always


El nino

El Classico

This was one of the most awaited for match of the year.
People were expecting barcelona to win
And keep their record
The match started with SUAREZ scoring the first goal for barcelona .
With Ronaldo to the rescue made the scores 1-1
The match was extreme until MESSI scored the 2nd goal
Later, SUAREZ scored a goal which was ruled as an offside goal by the referee
Madrid scored again to make it 2-2
at the dying moment ….

The match ended as a draw with BARCELONA retaining their record

Fifa 18player ratings

📰 *FB1*: *FIFA 18 player ratings: EA Sports unveil players ranked 20-11*

EA Sports’ countdown of the best 100 players on FIFA 18 has continued with the unveiling of the stars ranked 20-11 on Sunday.

After releasing the list of players ranked 30-21 on Saturday, the ratings have continued to advance towards the very best players on the planet with the reveal of the likes of Sergio Aguero and Gareth Bale in the top 20.

EA will continue to release the top 100 in the coming days, leading up to the announcement of the world’s most popular football game’s top star.

Here is the list (in descending order from 20 – 11):

20. Antoine Griezmann (Atletico) – 88 
19. Thibaut Courtois (Chelsea) – 89 
18. Sergio Aguero (Man City) – 89 
17. Gareth Bale (Real Madrid) – 89 
16. Giorgio Chiellini (Juventus) – 89 
15. Kevin de Bruyne (Man City) – 89 
14. Alexis Sanchez (Arsenal) – 89 
13. Gianluigi Buffon (Juventus) – 89 
12. Luka Modric (Real Madrid) – 89 
11. David De Gea (Man Utd) – 90

Carlos Tevez booed after return

Carlos Tevez has been booed by Shanghai Shenhua’s supporters in his first match for the club since taking time off in Argentina to recover from injury.

The loud noises of discontent could be heard as the Argentina international entered the field of play during the second half of Shanghai’s 2-1 loss to Henan Jianye at the Hongkou Football Stadium on Sunday.

It was Tevez’s first appearance for the club since returning to his home country in mid-August – in a bid to recover from a persistent calf injury – and his minimal contribution appeared to be due to a lack of fitness.

Club sources told the 33-year-old complained of pain in his calf muscle, and manager Gus Poyet was left “deeply frustrated and dis.mayed” by his performance.

Shanghai’s fans are believed to be unhappy at the effort and commitment shown by Tevez, who has scored two goals in 12 games for the Chinese Super League club.

Miss Dakota(Cara Mund) wins Miss America.


In a glitzy show Sunday night, Mund beat out 50 other women in five categories: lifestyle and fitness, evening wear, talent, interview and onstage questions. The 23-year-old graduated from Brown University and has been accepted to law school at the University of Notre Dame.

She was previously Miss North Dakota’s Outstanding Teen, Little Miss, Miss Pre-Teen and Miss Junior Teen. Mund credited her mother as her greatest role model.


“She’s been diagnosed with cancer three times,” she said during the competition. “Despite the circumstances, she’s always told me, you can’t control the cards you’re dealt, but you can control the hand.” She also said she looks up to Emma Watson for her work as an advocate for women’s rights in the United Nations.

Royal News from Across the Pond!


Quiet Curiosity

It was announced from Kensington Palace’s that Her Royal Highness The Duchess of Cambridge is currently knocked up with her third child.

Question…am I the only one that immediately pictures a couple having sex when they announce baby news, thus making the announcement kind of gross and awkward? Just wondering amongst friends. Anyways….  

Her Royal Highness is once again throwing up non-stop and is unable to carry on her royal duties of looking pretty and pretending to be interested in other people’s problems. I do admire her though, she has already done what was expected of her by producing an heir and a spare. She had struggled with this extreme morning sickness during her last two pregnancies and if I was her, I would have screamed at my husband to never touch me again.

prince-william-kate-middleton-taj-mahal-tI have taken the liberty and named William and Kate’s new baby for them. I…

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Have you ever imagine yourself without money? So broke that you couldn’t even afford anything .
Has that ever occured to you?


People say “money is the root of all evil”. So does this mean we dont need money or what?
Every person needs money whether rich or poor.
Money is very important without it you become so desperate.
Money could solve lots of problems .



    • Making a blog
      Applying for a job
      Making a Youtube channel
      Creating Ebooks
      Working online
      Using webbrowsers which pays users.
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